Good, for gluten free, isn’t good enough.

Our mission is to bring fresh, delicious, locally produced, preservative free, gluten free bread to Sonoma County. Each of our breads have unique flavors and textures, due to our commitment to blend the flours for each bread individually, rather than using one blanket flour for everything. We believe that a putting a little extra work into every loaf shows.

LIberty-5 Baking Company is a local gluten free bread producer located in downtown Santa Rosa. The name is derived from the old Santa Rosa telephone exchange, which became the prefix 545. LIberty-5 Baking Company was founded in 2013 due to a lack of fresh bread products for Celiacs and people sensitive to gluten. We feel that no one should be punished for being gluten intolerant, and that artisan breads can still be a pleasure. The company began when founder Jenn Maly started baking for herself, but found that it is a labor intensive process and that custom flour blends yield a better product than off the shelf mixes. Soon, many gluten free friends wanted fresh bread, the word spread, and the company was born.

LIberty-5 is local to downtown Santa Rosa, so it made sense that we began by selling at the West End Farmers’ Market. That successfully launched the brand, and now we are selling our products at Shelton’s Natural Foods Market in Healdsburg, all three Oliver’s Markets locations, Community Market in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, and many local restaurants including Monti’s Rotsserie, Willi’s Wine Bar, Wild Goat Bistro, Dierk’s Parkside Cafe, and the list is always growing. Visit our STORES page to find out all the places we are available now!



“I want to tell you, I’ve been gluten free for about 18 years and the texture and flavor of that loaf is by far the best I’ve ever had… If more people baked gluten free bread of this quality, it wouldn’t have a bad name.”
Larry Needleman

“I had the best thing I have eaten in years on Saturday — a hamburger on your bun at Monti’s. Wow!!! As a non-gluten devotee for several years, this is by far the best non-gluten bakery product I have eaten. I look forward to having more!”
Jeanne Eliades



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