Oat Millet 3

Whole Grain Oat & Millet Bread (VEGAN)

This bread has a lot going on. Made primarily from whole grain Gluten Free Oat & Millet Flours, it has cooked brown rice grains, and toasted pumpkin seeds throughout for a nutty texture. It’s also made using Ener-G Egg Replacer, making it the only vegan bread in our repertoire. This bread is hearty, but also has a nice, tender texture.

Available for sale at Community Markets, Pacific Markets, Shelton’s Natural Foods Market and Big John’s Market, and it’s used as the gluten free sandwich bread at Ulia’s Deli on Stony Point Road and in Petaluma, and at Criminal Baking Company in Santa Rosa.

No dairy, no soy, no corn, no eggs, no preservatives.

Oat & Millet Nutritional Data

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